Little Red Wagon University

Teaching the Power Within

Little Red Wagon University is a fun and effective way to learn.

Little Red Wagon University offers classes to meet your needs:

  • Laughter Therapy
  • Group Presentations
  • Individual Coaching
  • Workshops
  • Inspirational Presentations
  • Innovation Coaching

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As a Certified Laughter Leader, Sue brings fun and play into all her presentations. Whether she is working with clients individually or in groups she gives you the tools you need to achieve your goals and keeps it fun!


What do audiences think? We asked, and this is what they had to say:

“Sue Z. Hart is an inspirational speaker – as she speaks from her heart. Her love of life and the people she touches shines through every word. You will be motivated to take charge of your own life by listening to her.” Nancy Hudepohl, Business Manager

“Sue is an engaging speaker. Her bubbly enthusiasm is contagious and brightens the room the instant she begins to speak!” Hayley Grieco, Independent Contractor

“What a pleasure to sit back and listen to Sue, to be engaged in discovering and learning with situations from Sue’s real experience in our small industry. Sue understands her audiences and the different ways in which adults learn; she is well prepared with multi-media to draw in all participants and is ready with materials and activities to instill ideas. Sue does this with humor, understanding and care. Bravo for Sue!“ Gail English, Business Owner

“Sue Z.  Hart is a wonderfully inspiring speaker. She weaves a tapestry of wit, humor and insight. One leaves with a mind full of ideas and the power to fulfill them”Stephanie Allestad,  Consultant

“Sue Z.  Hart has her audiences reflecting, analyzing, and crying with laughter. You will be inspired to accomplish your dreams as you listen to this creative and goal-oriented speaker.” Juanita Hebard, Missionary