Have You Found Your Music Within?

Hearing my own music.

Hearing my own music.

“Most people die with the music still in them.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Today as we remember and honor our American Veterans I wanted to share with you one of my favorite movies, “Music Within”. The movie is based on Richard Pimentel‘s remarkable true-life story and how he turned adversity into opportunity, (always one of my favorite story lines!). Richard had a difficult childhood and in a moment of haste, he joined the Army. One moment he was basking in superhero glory, the next he was legally deaf. The movie takes you on his horrific battle of the system and society’s unkindly treatment of Vietnam soldiers and the disabled. Along the way, Richard finds his true calling, to be the voice for people with disabilities and his fellow veterans. Heartwarming, funny and profound “Music Within” is sure to touch your heart!

Vietnam Veterans were not met with the same appreciation and honor that today’s soldiers receive. We cannot do anything to change what has passed but we must learn from it. I am happy the pendulum has swung back to honoring those who choose to serve our Country. Thank you to all our soldiers and their families who give, or have given, so generously of themselves.

Whether you are a Veteran or a civilian, I hope you will take the time to watch this extraordinary journey of an ordinary man who found his music within.

Please let me know how “Music Within” touches your heart. Do you know the tune your heart wants to sing?